DanosPetrofac Attends OPEX Summit


Danos leaders recently attended the Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas Summit in Houston with members of the DanosPetrofac joint venture team. Owner Paul Danos, along with Petrofac’s Director of Engineering Cameron Boyd, spoke to attendees on how DanosPetrofac is creating opportunities to optimize asset performance, providing an overview of smart operations and maintenance strategies.

“There is no doubt that our industry is innovative,” said Danos, “and this conference is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the advances we are making in oil and gas.”

A culture of innovation and fit-for-purpose systems are key for success in today’s industry climate. The team discussed how DanosPetrofac’s model focuses on managing and operating an asset in a cost-effective manner in order to sustain or increase production and push out cessation of production and decommissioning liabilities for as long as possible.

“We support asset owners as they focus their talent on new, more valuable projects, while we implement fit-for-purpose operating strategies that drive down costs and optimize performance,” said Danos.

Exciting opportunities exist for new digital technologies to revolutionize asset operations and improve efficiency. The duo introduced a predictive analytics tool that uses historical data, applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve processes. Additionally, at the DanosPetrofac exhibitor booth, attendees were able to try on connected worker technology that connects field personnel with off-site subject matter experts.

The ninth annual OPEX summit was a great opportunity for DanosPetrofac to share its expertise. Over 250 heads of operations leaders from North America’s largest oil and gas companies attended the three-day conference.

As Danos and Boyd demonstrated in their presentation, DanosPetrofac is addressing the asset owner’s need for new and creative ways to reduce costs. By combining traditional optimization levers with value-adding technology and a winning culture, DanosPetrofac creates ultra-efficient asset support.