Emerging more Efficient – Separating the Rhetoric from Reality


As we emerge from a challenging, oil-price-driven downturn compounded by aging oil and gas infrastructure and regulatory pressures, I’m excited to see what lasting value has been created as a result of these difficult conditions.

It is the collective willpower and innovation of our industry that creates and will enlarge the pockets of technical and operational excellence that have emerged in the last three years. Of course, some of the cost reductions made during the downturn won’t be sustainable. History has taught us that we can’t simply defer spending and reduce headcount or supplier prices to generate sustainable future savings. What will deliver long-term value are improvements that enhance safety while reducing costs, and those which increase asset uptime while improving asset integrity.

For decades now, DanosPetrofac has been pushing the boundaries of asset optimization. We have focused on right-sizing asset teams, integrating services, optimizing maintenance programs, multi-skilling personnel, using flexible central support teams, risk-based decision making, etc. These well-established practices have created some big wins, like reducing OPEX as much as 20 percent while producing uptimes greater than 90 percent on aging assets. Now we have an exciting opportunity for new digital technologies to revolutionize asset operations providing a step change to already efficient operations.

Next week, a group of over 300 industry leaders in operations will gather together at the Operational Excellence (OPEX) in Oil & Gas Summit at the Norris Conference Center in Houston, TX on November 6 and 7. With a mixed format of workshops, presentations and traditional on-stand demos (including our connected worker technology demonstration), it’s a chance for all of us to take stock and separate the rhetoric from the reality.

The upcoming Summit promises to be a great time of collaboration and learning and a chance to meet a whole new group of talented individuals who are helping solve some of our industry’s greatest challenges. DanosPetrofac will be presenting the experience gained from our journey, and I hope to see you there. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs featuring OPEX Summit feedback and insights!


Join us at the Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas conference in Houston on Nov 6 and 7 where DanosPetrofac will be exhibiting and leading a session on “Smart strategies to reduce cost and optimize asset performance.”